Tagore International School Career Transfer Certificate  
The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers the Indian national curriculum as set our in the CBSE scheme. (http://www.cbse.nic.in/). Teaching takes place in English with the school offering Hindi, Sanskrit as Second and Third language. We offer following subject at 10 +2 level:---
(a) Science Stream:-
(I) Medical :- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English & Physical Education.
(II) Non-Medical :- Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Physical Education.
(b) Commerce Stream :-
Accountancy, Business Studies, Maths, Economics, English & Physical Education.
Computer Lab and other laboratories
The school offers computer education to all students. To facilitate this school has well equipped computer lab with large number of computer sets. Computer lab is connected to the internet facilities.
The school offers well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths labs with ultra modern ambience.
Library: A Learning resource centre
The school has a large library which develops teaching & learning resources to cultivate the spirit of inquiry among learners. The library provides reference books. journals, magazines, periodicals & daily newspapers to the students & teacher to enhense their knowledge information along with CD.
Class-Room and Teacher- Student Ratio
The class-rooms are large and spacious, well ventilated & connected with CC Tv. The school lays emphasis on healthy teachers-students ratio in all the classes.
Our Educators
Our teachers try to arouse a curiosity & interest in the students, teach them to logically think & reason, ask questions, discover, develop independent problem solving skills, execute every task with efficiency, responsibility & dedication.
The 21st century holds a promise for a bigger, better and brighter future. The scope for growth is tremendous. All this can be attributed to the technological awakening witnessed world over. The school facilitates the practice of such valves through ultra modern teaching techniques. Such as Audio-visual. It enriches the learning work through LCD-Projector, CD's Interactive Board, Audio-Video cassettes & Broad Band facility etc.
House Events
The house system also forms the basis for a healthy and friendly competition and students eagerly volunteer to represent their house in a wide variety of events across the year. Deciding which house will win the overall championship each year is a great focus for all the students. Inter house and inter school competitions in Academics, Arts, Dramatics, Music, Dance, Inter-personal and communicative skills, held periodically help develop the students all round capabilities, as individuals and as a team.