Tagore International School Career Transfer Certificate  
Many Indians recognize Rabindranath Tagore as the winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in literature and the philosopher who discoursed with Gandhi, Albert Einstein, W.B. Yeats and other greats of his day. Many more Indians are admirers of his poetry and art work. Throughout India, students recognize Tagore as the author of India’s national anthem- Jana Gana Mana.

Despite his fame in other arenas, Tagore’s progressive educational philosophy is largely forgotten today. The experimental models Tagore pioneered in his schools. Shanti Niketan and Sri Niketan remain mere experiments. His ideals have not found their way into India’s schools; future generations have returned to rote-memorization as the predominant learning style. The following poem outlines Tagore’s vision for an innovative approach to education which is the main aim of Tagore International School and cannot afford to forget.

“Where the mind is without fear, and the heart is held high,
Where the world is not broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls,
Where the words came out from the depths of truth,
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habits,
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever widening thought and action -
Into that heaven of freedom,
My father, let my country awake.”

According to Tagore International School's vision for education- in an environment devoid of fear, students have the confidence to express their thoughts freely and believe their own learning ability. Fear of making mistakes prevents an individual from being free to venture a new thought, to experiment, to ask questions, to be creative and to innovate. We understood this, and opposed to any form of corporal punishment as means of discipline. In our school, we cultivate internal discipline based on intrinsic motivations like joy and pursuit of creative tasks.

Central to Tagore's educational vision was the nurturing of student's souls. For TIS, the purpose of education was not just employment-but more importantly, personal fulfillment and self-improvement.

A key concept in Tagore's model is that of promoting a 'narrative imagination'- the nurturing of creativity, empathy and diversity. For TIS, one of the central skills needed for a democratic society is the ability to imagine what it might be like to be in the shoes of a person different from oneself, to see things from multiple perspectives.

Tagore considered lack of education to be the main obstacle to India's progress. So, TIS saw education as a key tool for promoting a more just and equitable society by imparting education to all without any discrimination based on caste, color and creed. Tagore understood that one of the greatest ills plaguing our education and society is lack of critical thinking. In contrast, TIS taught students to critically examine all beliefs, traditions and statements and to accept only those that stood the test of reason, rather then blindly accepting them on the basis of authority.

Promoting the freedom of the child is at the heart of Tagore's philosophy. So, we believe that the limitless development of human potential is possible only in an environment free from any kind of bondage. Therefore, Tagore International School is situated in a beautiful spot away from the town where the children had the greatest freedom possible under the lap of nature.
In his poem, Tagore not only lays out the ideal, but also proposes the way forward:- "Ever widening thought and action." To bring about change, we must shift the way our society thinks about education. Therefore, TIS encourages students not to passively memorize and accept but to think for themselves, form their own opinions and act for the collective good.

India's democracy is in great danger if it fails to take Tagore's legacy to heart. Only the kind of education that Tagore envisioned can equip our citizens to meet the challenges of our modern, globalized world same as Tagore International School...

Tagore International School
The name of our school is Tagore International School,
Where students study in verdurous cool,
Where morning assembly & evening games,
Enable them to achieve their aims,
Where healthy mind in a healthy body,
Is the cherished ideal of every body,
Where selfless service and regard for age,
They hear discourses from heroes and sage,
Where service before self and each one for all,
Are the virtues instilled are addressed in the hall,
Where the inmates are at each others call,
Such is the theme of our school,
Long live the ideals of our school.